About us


About Us

We are a family owned and operated La Mirada based company dedicated to the ideal of giving new life to the treasures that can be found all around us.  We have been in the business of antiques and collectibles for over 20 years and handle selling the contents of properties as small as 500 square feet to larger than 5,000 square feet.  We are a people-friendly organization who will take care to "recycle" your houseful of treasures to new owners -- at the greatest profit to you. 

Ours is a complete turn-key operation where we do the labor from start to finish.  During this process, we come into the home and:

  • work out the sale area logistics,
  • display, research, and price all items for sale,
  • advertise
  • conduct the sale
  • after the sale (upon your request and at no additional charge) we pack any unsold items and donate them to a local charity--then provide you with the charitable donation receipt for your records or tax purposes.

You do not need to have million dollar assets to benefit from our service. CALL US today at (562) 714-2532 for your free evaluation.

As our client, you will have no major clean-up or giant mess to contend with when the sale is finished--we leave the property broom clean.