Lori's Soap Box


Here we are again -- heading, or shall I say speeding, into the holidays.  As you go through the next couple of months frantically buying and selling please remember to add "giving" into the mix.  Not necessarily the giving of gifts to friends and loved ones (although those are always nice :) but giving of your money, of your time, and of yourself to those who could use the help.  Helping others is essential year round if you can manage it but is especially needed at holiday time for those who are struggling.  Helping doesn't need to be a big deal -- it could be as simple as putting someone's grocery cart away or reaching a box on the top shelf for someone who can't.  Or it can be much bigger -- like adopting a family for Christmas or serving food at a homeless shelter.  Just do whatever you think you can handle to help someone else.

Do a good turn daily, pay it forward, give a little bit -- you'll be glad you did!

As always, Thanks for stopping in...