Lori's Soap Box


I completely LOVE my job!  I get to be the very first person in line for the sale, I get to touch absolutely everything in each house we set-up, and I get to pass those fabulous treasures along to you – our customers. 

For those of you who don’t know, I am not a “collector” of things (my first year of doing this job cured me of that).  However, I am an “appreciator” of all household items, old and new.  I get to “Ooh” & “Aah” over each treasure, knowing that whatever those items are will be available to whoever is in line at our sales to grab them.  It’s exciting to see shoppers’ faces when they find that very treasure they’ve been searching for so long and hard.

Anyone curious to know the one thing I will almost always buy at my own sales? 

Laundry detergent!  I am raising a couple of very active, school-aged children and we are constantly washing loads of laundry.  If some laundry soap is available, that is usually the item that I will purchase pre-sale.  So, I apologize in advance, but you will rarely find laundry soap available at my sales.  As my customers, you will simply have to settle for the vintage furniture, fine china, original paintings and unique collectibles instead.  Sorry, but I have to allow myself some perks to this job… 

Assuming laundry detergent isn’t the one thing you’re looking for, I’m sure you will find some treasures of your own at our upcoming sale.  Take a look around -- you’ll be glad you did!

--Lori St. Julien

As always -- Thanks for stopping in!!