Lori's Soap Box


Adios PennySaver!  Believe it or not, I actually appreciated the PennySaver throw-away magazine arriving in my mailbox every week.  Every once in awhile I'd thumb through it to check out ads for  puppies I was never going to buy, services I was never going to use, and personals never directed at me (that I'm aware of!).  But, most of the time, it would go directly into my recycle bin without anyone in my household ever looking at it.

I suppose the powers-that-be at Harte Hanks Publishing finally realized this was the norm for most SoCal households -- so they stopped the presses and PennySaver is no more!  For most of us these days, if we want information of any kind we simply go to the computer and "Google" it. However, (as we discovered at our last sale) the PennySaver was actually pretty critical to our Saturday customers.  EstateSales.net works GREAT for shoppers who can come out earlier in the week, but the Saturday People, well, we depended on the PennySaver to help those folks find our Sales.  So that leaves us wondering, "Is there a replacement outlet for advertising to our Saturday crowd?"

Unfortunately, we don't have an answer (yet!).  We utilize Craig's List, EstateSales.net, Facebook, and our own direct e-mail system to try to get the word out whenever we're having a Sale.  Last Sale, these methods did not seem to be enough for our Sale information to find its way to the Saturday shoppers.  So the question now goes out to you, our loyal customers (Thank You!! :)...

Do you have any suggestions of outlets to advertise our Sales to get the word out to those folks who would have ordinarily found us in the PennySaver?  Your constructive comments are greatly appreciated (really!)!  If you have any ideas please let us know, either as a reply to this blog or directly to our faces at the next Sale!

Feel free to share your ideas with us and, as always, Thanks for stopping in!!