Lori's Soap Box


Not surprisingly, one thing no one ever told me about setting up estate sales -- sometimes there are grenades.  I don't mean figuratively, like "unexpected issues that pop up from time to time" (although that does happen...a lot!) -- I mean actual GRENADES.

Now, some of you might be thinking "cool! what a great collectible!!".  But I assure you that a live grenade is not a fabulous keepsake.  If you happen to be a collector of war memorabilia, please consider choosing something (anything) else besides deadly explosives to keep in your collection (replicas are great, just make sure they are labeled as such).  Our company often comes across all kinds of great war collectibles such as uniforms, medals, photos, maps... lots of great items for anyone to keep or re-sell that won't unexpectedly kill anybody -- and we'll be happy to sell them to you at a reasonable price.

For example, there are some amazing WWII uniform collectibles at our upcoming Sale!  Unfortunately for some interested parties, there will be no grenades available at this time -- we happily gave those to the Bomb Squad, free of charge.

So keep buying, keep collecting, and keep an eye out for the next adventure.  But leave explosives where they lie.  If you find one, call 911 to send in an expert to take care of it -- they'll be happy to do their job and you'll be alive to shop our next Sale.  Due to a recent experience, we are able to confirm that the officers involved with LA County Sheriff's Department are truly amazing and happy to help (and it sure was nice to meet the woman in charge of the Bomb Squad!).

Make good choices people!  And Thanks for stopping in...