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Frequently Asked Questions

Quite often, people who contact us are managing this kind of project for the first time. Here are the answers to a few questions many of them have regarding St. Julien Estate Liquidations services.

  • What does it cost to hire St. Julien Estate Liquidations?

    There are no up-front costs or deposits required for our Estate Sale services.  We assess the property, set up the Sale, research values, price all items, photograph, market, manage, and clean up an Estate Sale. The total fee for this service is 45% of the proceeds from the Sale.

    For a Clean-Out, we charge a flat-fee and each project is different.  We can give you an estimate of the total cost of this service at our free consultation.

    Decluttering Services are offered at a rate of $50/hour.  There is typically an initial 3-hour session where we declutter a room together then train a homeowner to complete the rest of the house on their own.

  • How long does it take to have an Estate Sale?

    While every project is a little different, most Estate Sales take three weeks from start to finish. We can give you an estimated timeline once we assess the property.

  • What is my role as the client in the process?

    Your role is to simply hand over the keys.  Our team provides expert advice based on years of experience in the business. We strive to make this process as easy as possible for you. However, you have the final say in the project. If something we suggest doesn’t feel right for you, we will adjust to accommodate your wishes.

  • How much should I expect to make from an Estate Sale?

    The main goal of any Estate Sale is to clear a house of the personal property.  Things will get sold (but it is often pennies-on-the-dollar for what was originally spent for any item) -- "profit" should not be the main focus for the Estate Sale.  It is reasonable to expect to get some money for the items, and also to avoid doing the labor-intensive work associated with running a Sale. Most importantly, an Estate Sale prepares the house for sale (or whatever its next steps may be).

  • When will I receive the proceeds from my Estate Sale?

    Our clients receive their sale proceeds within a few days after their Estate Sale. Electronic fund transfers can be completed almost immediately after a Sale is finished. Otherwise, a Cashier’s Check will be delivered or mailed on Monday or Tuesday after the Sale/Pick-up weekend.

  • How do you price items for sale?

    Experience dictates the prices of many household items.  However, anything unique, rare, branded, or unfamiliar is thoroughly researched to find its reasonable sales price.

  • How does the Sale setup work?

    The process starts with our team going through every nook and cranny of the house, pulling everything out of cupboards, closets, drawers, etc... then reorganizing it for the Sale. We handle everything in the house from top to bottom.

  • What happens to any unsold items after an Estate Sale?

    We donate any unsold items to charity and our clients receive those donation receipts for their tax purposes.

  • What if I have things I want from the estate, but live out of town?

    All of those logistics can be handled in our free initial consultation.  We can easily keep any personal items safe until they can be picked up or we will arrange to ship those items to you -- whatever works out best for your specific needs.

  • How can I get an assessment of a property if I live out of the area?

    Please call us! We are happy to answer any direct questions you may have and will work out the logistics of an initial consultation -- even from a distance.  If necessary, we can easily meet with an estate representative of your choosing to assess the personal property on site (often a family member or real estate agent).  

  • How is a Virtual sale different from an In-person sale?

    They are actually very similar.  The same items are offered for Sale, however, a Virtual Sale only offers items up for purchase online.  One of the main benefits for shoppers of a Virtual Sale is there is NO WAITING IN LINE!

  • How is St. Julien Estate Liquidations handling safety precautions regarding COVID-19?

    We will continue to monitor and adhere to the latest CDC guidelines regarding COVID

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